Business Communication Services

Get the Outcome You Want with Our Communication Consulting Services!

Media Training

Our media strategy, the on camera training, combined with constructive feedback identifies the tools needed for interview preparation in print, on-line, broadcast and new media.

Executive Communication Coaching

Uncover what stops you from getting the results you want. Develop a partnership with your audience.

Presentation / Speaker Training

Rethink the entire process of presenting, negotiating, and closing business and gain new clients while recovering former ones.

Performance Coaching

Learn how to "spin on a dime" in a crisis, an audition or speaking in front of a live audience.


Media Training

Get Above the Noise!

How do you deliver an effective, clear and confident media interview that grabs the attention of the audience? Training!

Our Goal: 

To provide extensive media training including on-camera training, interview preparation, interactive exercises, insider’s insights, and constructive feedback to prepare you to handle any media venue.

Our media training and interview preparation will teach you to…

  • uncover your distinctive communication style.
  • take control of a media interview. 
  • understand producer’s expectations. 
  • know what producers want. 
  • create core messages that have impact and get quoted. 
  • learn to bridge an interviewer’s questions to your key messages. 
  • be prepped for answering difficult questions seamlessly. 
  • spot and avoid reporters' tricks. 
  • understand the power of non-verbal communication.
  • be your own best visual.
  • learn how to stay calm in a media crisis
  • conduct eye-grabbing interviews for social media videos 
  • How do you deliver an effective, clear and confident media interview that grabs the attention of the audience? Training! 

Our media training will give you:

  • confidence, a sense of your unique communication style, reliable technique
  • in-depth research about your organization/book/product/ area of expertise  
  • our media training handbook and additional handouts  
  • feedback and review: a detailed report on what works and what needs development   
  • phone consult: after the training review and assessment of your media training

Time Commitment: 10-12 hours

  • Customized personal training
  • Pre-planning phone consult
  • 2 two-and-a-half hour sessions or 1 four-hour session in studio or on site
  • One hour phone consult post training
  • Review of tapes and speeches

"When Jon Stewart called and my high profile author wasn't ready for his unusual style of interviewing, I called Eileen Winnick in -- for the rescue.  She is the only person that I could trust to bring this brilliant yet private person forward to share the spotlight with Stewart and not be run over by him.  Eileen is a true professional. Now I recommend her to all my clients, friends and political candidates."

- Barbara Monteiro, President, Monteiro & Co., Inc., 

Public Relations Firm


Who should attend and on-camera or media training session:


Business Leaders



Fashion + Beauty

Financial Experts


Marketing + Sales

Professional Athletes

Professional Chefs




Senior Management

Executive Communication Coaching

The Winnick Group works with corporations who consider leadership development programs a core part of executive development. It falls on the executive to clarify the vision, purpose and goals of the organization and most importantly to be able to communicate them. Every executive needs to motivate and communicate what challenges and what opportunities await his or her team.

Persuade your audience to take action!

Our executive coaching enables executives to deliver key organizational priorities effectively and efficiently. Leaders are the visible and viable expressions of their Brand. Your content and context must support clear communication. We teach you how to make that happen. Our seasoned perspective and techniques provide tangible tools for immediate application.

Our leadership coaching will teach you to:

  • create a blue-print to determine what is needed to fulfill executive potential  and to eliminate liabilities 
  • uncover strategies that sharpen communication, presentations and successful meetings 
  • chart a decisive career path by advancing media visibility, exposure and self- promotion through traditional and social media 
  • become a thought leader through shared conceptual frameworks, organizational tools and branding strategies
  • learn the power of non- verbal communication and how to use it  
  • get science-based solutions to prepare and resolve high-risk communication issues
  • use video feedback to improve communication or behavioral problems
  • give feedback that celebrates success and improve employees strengths
  • learn to trust your instincts

Time Commitment: 10-12 hours

  • ​Customized personal leadership skills training
  • ​Pre-planning phone consult
  • ​2 two-and-a-half hour sessions or 1 four-hour session in studio or on site
  • ​One hour phone consult post training
  • ​Review of tapes and speeches

​" Thanks for your help. I'm usually my harshest critic and I was very pleased. The commentator of the panel thanked me over and over again. I also made many new business contacts. Felt really good and your training has really made the difference." 

- Brian Gaffney CEO, Allianz Global Solutions


Who should benefit from our Leadership Development Programs:

Business Development

Business Leaders

C-Level Executives

Editors-in Chief


Executive Editors

Investment Bankers

Law Partners

Marketing + Sales

Public Relations Specialists


Senior Management

Wealth Management

Presentation & Speaker Training

Our Goal: 

To train you to connect and impact your audience to develop public speaking skills. We make your speeches/presentations more memorable - your content more effective and your delivery more powerful.

Our public speaking training and presentation training will teach you to:

develop a powerful opener

  • sharpen the story you want to tell. 
  • understand what motivates your audience and speak to their needs. 
  • decide what you want your audience to think, feel and do at the end of the speech.
  • outline your speech to make it conversational, not canned. 
  • close strong and leave with a call-to-action.  
  • be enthusiastic, energetic and plain likeable. 
  • use your voice to color the speech. 
  • use the pause and silence for effectiveness. 
  • break down barriers with great eye contact.
  • use gestures and movement to emphasize a point.
  • leave with a formula that reduces prep time.

Our speaker training and presentation training will give you:

  • confidence, sense of your unique communication style, reliable technique, new public speaking skills
  • extensive pre-prep: in-depth research about your organization/ book/ expertise  
  • our speaker training handbook and additional handouts  
  • feedback and review: a detailed report on what works and what needs development 

Time Commitment: 10-12 hours

  • customized personal training
  • pre-planning phone consult
  • 2 two-and-a-half hour training session 
  • or 1 four-hour training session
  • 1 hour phone consult post-training
  • review of tapes and speeches after training

"I was a journalist and now I am getting invitations to do speaking. I did one 6 months ago and put the audience to sleep. Then I hired Eileen. Yesterday, I was a smash. Everyone came up and told me what a “natural” I was. Eileen is just brilliant! She really taught me how to do it." 

- Francine Russo, journalist, author of: They’re Your Parents Too! How Siblings Can Survive their Aging Parents Without Driving Each Other Crazy


Who benefits:

Business Development

Corporate Finance


Investment Banking


Sales + Marketing

Senior Management + Board members


Wealth Management + Private banking

Performance Coaching

Leave your comfort zone & spin on a dime!

Our Goal: 

  • To prepare you for high-stakes opportunities. 
  • To imbue you with a creative, practical process that uncovers your authentic self. 

For example:

If you are appearing as a reality show host or an expert on TV or a spokesperson on a webinar, you need a game-plan. 

If you hoped for a face-to-face interview for college or your dream job - and instead they request a CD or DVD, you need a showcase.

If you are called for a life-changing audition, or are asked to present a new idea, invention or a product, you need guidance. 

If you preparing for an interview and need interview prep, you need us.

Our interview preparation training will teach you to:

  • master and trust the creative process and take risks that challenge you. 
  • learn how to act through private or public lessons.
  • discover how to "spin on a dime" as a stand-up or as an expert on TV. 
  • develop creative courage - the will and the skill to just be who you are.
  • use your body and voice to let your message merge with words.
  • be present and bring your unique self to a new script, idea, or pitch.
  • lose or use regional accents, speech and solve language problems.

Our performance and interview training will give you:

  • confidence 
  • sense of your unique communication style 
  • a reliable technique.
  • an in-depth understanding of yours or another’s message.
  • a professional tape for your website, You-Tube, Facebook.
  • 30 second professionally produced commercial.
  • editing services for writing a speech, screenplay or a proposal. 
  • prepare you for a career in film, television or radio.


Time Commitment: 10-12 hours

  • Pre-planning phone consult
  • Customized agenda based on research, needs assessment, clients goals
  • 2 two-and-a-half hour sessions or 1 four-hour session
  • One hour phone consult, feedback and review
  • Review of new tapes and speeches

"As a 20 year marketing professional, I would strongly encourage anybody, who interacts with the public, whether they are a CEO or a noted authority, to seek out the very talented Eileen Winnick who is masterful at honing your message and ensuring that it’s delivered each time with flair and style.”     

- Barbara Marks, VP of Marketing, Product Ventures


Who will benefit:




College Applicants


Fashion, Hair and Beauty Experts

Financial Experts

Medical Experts 


TV Hosts + Guests