"It was incredibly inspiring to work with you today. I feel so much more clear and grounded. I came away feeling layers of dread peeling away!"

- Sarah Lord - Creative Consultant to the Fashion Industry, CEO Sarah Lord LLC

"Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for taking me on as a client and giving me the critical boost I needed to get started in  "the biz." I couldn’t have done any of this without you."

- Barbara Oakley, Professor at Oakland University, author 

"Fabulous presentation today – relevant, practical, and very accessible! Such an important topic and you clearly know it so well. "

   - Peter Dubner, Senior Consultant, Right Management

"Eileen Winnick is not only a wonderful teacher; she is truly a mentor for those just beginning to learn the craft of public speaking. Each lesson was well-taught, presented, and, most importantly, fun. I laughed and learned; Eileen made it easy. I didn’t know that I could speak, and speak effectively, until she gave me the tools that set me on my way."

- Lori Ettlinger Gross - Author, Style Writer, Speaker

​"I was so sorry that I did not have a chance to speak with you after your presentation and tell you how very much I enjoyed your presentation. Not only was it flawless, but you shared so much valuable information in such an effortless, engaging way. There was not one second that you didn't have my undivided attention. Bravo! Encore! A wonderful Presentation! Many thanks."  

- Lee Walther - President of Sense of Style

"My author did a fabulous job on Fox & Friends this morning. He used the talking points we prepared yesterday, and even spoke off the cuff one time. He did so well that the host, Brian Kilmeade, asked him to come on his radio show later that morning. He is really getting the hang of this, and I can tell he is using what he learned in his sessions with you to conduct himself in interviews. His worst nightmare of being asked about subjects he doesn’t consider himself an expert on came true this morning, and with your help, he faced it down. I really can’t thank you enough!"

- Ava K, Publicist | Dutton, Penguin U.S.A