"Gilt City could not be more pleased with the results! Eileen, you are a pleasure to work with. You are so articulate and well-spoken, gave such constructive critiques, and showed great patience with our group of nine curators, all of whom had not had formal training in front of the camera. Your targeted feedback focused on the positive, helping to build their confidence in front of the camera. Gilt City could not be more pleased with the results!" 

          -  Caitlyn Carpanzano, Publicity Director Gilt City NYC, NY

Power Communications Boot Camp: 

Steps to Master Presentation Skills Crucial to Success

In this public speaking course participants learn the secrets to making presentations that are convincing, professional and dynamic. Participants will practice giving presentations to a broad array of audiences from a small meeting to a large conference. They will leave feeling confident, with a game-plan and a professional approach. Videotaping included.

The Art of the Sale: Developing Soft Skills to Get What You Want

Learn to read the subtle signals that persuasively influence your clients and get what you want.

Mastering soft skills in business can change how you do business. Discover how to observe clients for key signals, how to use active listening to truly hear what clients say and read the visual, unspoken messages clients display. Knock your competitors out of the game. Videotaping included. 

Creating Media Visibility for your Company

Raise the profile of your organization through well-positioned media appearances of thought leaders trained in delivery and newsworthy content by TWG. As an insightful add-on, we partner with a well-connected PR person who gives insider info on how to get the media exposure needed in today’s competitive marketplace through select and diverse spokespersons chosen to best represent your company. Videotaping included.

Acting Techniques for Effective Business Communications

In today’s competitive environment persuasive, clear speaking and presenting skills are vital. This presentation skills workshop uses acting techniques to uncover participant’s unique communication styles and remove obstacles obstructing dynamic communication. Learn to speak extemporaneously and gain confidence speaking in public. Learn how to create a lasting impression. Experience how acting techniques help create positive relationships. Overcome self- consciousness and develop public speaking skills and add new tools to your existing tool box. Videotaping included.

Avoid Generational Guerrilla Warfare: Gen X vs. Baby Boomers Battles in the Workplace

Age can derail effective communication between Gen X and Baby Boomers in the workplace. Avoid using the generational gap as a barrier and opt to develop breakthroughs to effective communication. Join a training that opens up real communication lines between generations and creates new opportunities through understanding and exercises that uncover the real issues.

Basis Media Skills Training 

For those with limited media experience. 

Group Advanced Media Training

A more comprehensive uncovering of strategy for more intricate communications agendas and interview situations

Group Advanced Media Training & Crisis Communications 

1 to 1 ½ days of an intense custom designed course with various media scenarios that include handling hostile media, satellite interviews, news conferences and managing the crisis event

Leadership Develpment Program in Speaker Training and Presentation Skills  

Executive Training in Basic Media Skills 

Executive Training in Advanced Media Skills

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Who: 4-20 members of your organization

What: customized agenda; see descriptions.

Where: in-house or conference room TBA

When: at specific dates or based on your schedule

Times: Half-day: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM / Full-day: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM